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Get Rid of Fungus in Your Home

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Mold loves warm, dark and humid areas. When conditions are right, it only takes 24 hours for mold to start growing.

Is your home the perfect breeding ground for mold? Turn to Mold Managers, Inc. for mold removal service in Manchester, Concord, Hillsboro, Nashua & Lebanon, NH. We'll locate the source and eliminate your mold with swift work.

Our family-owned business has helped countless clients breathe easy. We'll bring all of our own equipment to remove the mold safely and efficiently.

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How can you prevent mold growth?

There are thousands of different types of fungal molds. While preventing all of them can seem like a daunting task, the common types behave in similar ways.

Prevent mold from growing in your home or business with these simple tips:

  • Keep humidity levels below 60%.
  • Dry any wet materials as soon as possible.
  • Repair leaking faucets, pipes and roofing materials.
  • Improve indoor airflow with proper ventilation.
Humid, stagnant air is mold's best friend and your worst enemy. Keep your home dry to stop mold in its tracks.

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